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Everything started long time ago, I thing was 8-9 years old learning how to dance on the top of my sisters feet.
Yes, in my small village "Torrao do Alentejo" we didn't had much but we had our "sociedade" where they did their best to organize all kind of cultural activities such as "Teatro / Banda filarmónica / Cinema / as Marchas / Futebol" and of course the "Bailes" this was my preferred and as well my initiation to what I do today with great passion.

After some years I moved to "Alcacer Do Sal" where I went initially in holidays and end up by staying for the next 5 years working in the restaurant of my aunt "Restaurante Campino. In this time, 80's Michael Jackson was having a great success, so the village used to organize some afternoons dancing in "Calceterira" all youth was part of it, for me was a very important moment where I realize that dance would stay with me for ever.
And right there, my friend "Luis Popa" and I, we decide to ask for professional help, so we look for local classes and we found "Ana Isabel Carraça" Dance academy ABC.
The first day, it was a mess! There were only girls and the boys were afraid to dance because of the gossip, especially in the small villages but that didn't stop us to join in the classes. We learned different dance styles, how to act (espressao corporal) participate in a major event "O espetaculo", best days ever!
In 1988 ( I was 17) was the release of the movie "SALSA" and at that very moment I knew I was contaminated with the virus called Salsa! From that moment on, "Belinha" - our teacher did a great work introducing us to latin rhythms.

Many years later I arrive in Belgium where I had the privilege of follow salsa lessons with Luis Cortigo, first salsa teacher in Leuven. In this time no one spoke about Cuban, New York, Puertorican, LA, Colombian, Salsa was Salsa, a vibrating hot rhythm that could put everyone moving. A few years later, I started giving salsa and bachata classes myself and sharing my passion for dance. For more than 9 years, I also teach Kizomba, a dance that comes from Angola and Cabo Verde with very strong roots in Portugal.

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